bharath haridas

Project descriptions and audience

We are in an age where we constantly encounter combinations of media such as video, text, sound and interactivity through our personal computing devices as well as physical spaces. A lot of design ...

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Weaving in a framework, a design method.

The challenge in the formative stage of my graduate thesis project in terms of evaluating its success and methods has to do with the intended outcomes and expected forms. The thesis proposes to ...

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Picture 1

Augmented Reality Posters

Augmented Reality Posters haridasNo views Recommended for youNewPublished on Mar 25, 2017DescriptionAugmented Reality posters about the effects of ...

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Sutras. A manifesto

Interfaces have input devices. Representations have output. The input into representations is the mind itself. A story can be written when considered to be done in an appropriate form. A manifesto ...

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Thesis Statement ,Feb 2017

Multitudes; an array of media investigations We require a multitude of perspectives to comprehend complex modern phenomena. We are currently facing the challenges and impact of living in an emerging ...

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